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MASONRY SERVICES:                                                                  

  • WALLS:  all types with Block, Brick, Stone, Adobe and glass.
  • PAVERS:  Concrete, Flagstone and Brick.
  • VENEERS:  Block, Brick, Stone, Adobe and Slate.
  • PRE-CAST CONCRETE: standard and custom design installing.
  • GLASS BLOCK: walls, windows and custom lay outs.
  • STUCCO:  all types and textures.
  • HISTORICAL:  making mud adobe and lime plaster for restoring.
  • FIRE BOXES: fire brick, all designs.
  • BBQ:  pits above and below ground.
  • BRICK CEILINGS: thin brick veneer in custom designs.
  • FIRE BRICK PIZZA OVENS:  natural wood burning ovens.  

AZ ROC #300253 CR31 MASONRY & #311175 CR36 STUCCO